fuck all of the handsome foreign men.

I wish to do that.

Favorite animal is the cat. I used to have cats when I was younger and I think every good bad guy in a movie always has a cat he can stroke. I always liked petting a cat. I think one of them on top of my Bad News podium would have really sent me to the next level and would have probably turned me into the next John Cena or something like that.

Bad News Barrett. iagahuh XD (via she-is-a-saucey)
Song: this will crush your soul
Artist: don't do it
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Listen to this song and think about what it’s going to feel like walking into ‘There and Back Again’ It’s the last time we will ever get to experience Tolkien’s world on the big screen. LOTR is my childhood- like it is for many. We have lined up for the books together, dressed up together, and followed Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, The Company and The Fellowship together every step of the way.When Lord of the Rings ended we knew at some point that we would get the Hobbit so it wasn’t really goodbye, more a see you later. But not this time. When December 17th 2014 comes around, the Peter Jackson-Tolkien era will be coming to a close and I just don’t think I’m ready for that…

Hermione was 15 by the time of the Yule Ball in GoF. The ball takes place in the winter of 1994 and Hermione was born September 19, 1979. This means she turned 15 on September 19, 1994. Three years difference, not four. She's always been the oldest of the trio with Harry being the youngest.

Oooooh I was unaware. Thanks for the clarification! :)

… but an 18 and 15 year old is still kind of sketchy. :/

So are we ever going to talk about the fact that in Goblet of Fire, Viktor Krum was 18 while Hermione was 14?

What do you call it when a Slytherin dates a Hufflrpuff? A Slytherpuff. Badum tsst.

Dear FX,


Please tell me there’s a season 2 of You’re The Worst

I need this information. Newfound love is this show like god damn

Look at this little gem I found at my local thrift store! According to my google research, its a LIMITED EDITION 1999 Diamond Dallas Page Wrestling WCW / NWO Big Boys Collectible Figures Bobble Head doll! Ceramic, hand painted and still in good condition considering he’s obviously been around (found him at the thrift store duh) And I can only bet that there is some fan out there that wants it but also doesn’t know they want it yet. Anyone want to take this little guy off my hands? I’m not much of a collector but even I can see the value and sentimentality of this bobble head. Plus I see the prices people are selling for and I’m honestly not looking for much, maybe 20 bucks. Inbox me if you’re interested. :)