Meet Galina and Joelle. Fiancee/Girlfriend and Daughter of Roman Reigns.

sorry I just had to know that little girl’s name. Not for creepy purposes but just because, well, someone had to find out.

First of all, I never expected his daughter’s name to be Joelle. I mean… Holy fuck. She’s named after her dad. JOElle. Fuck me sideways.

Don’t ask how I found these pictures or how I found out their names. I don’t want y’all turning extra creepy. I just remember a whole bunch of radio interviews I listened to plus old articles and yeah. But trust me… This is all there really is. And these are from 2011 as well.

Apparently Galina is a track star turned fitness model turned regular model (I mean, what fitness model goes and gets all jazzed up in business wear/doctor scrubs?)

And Joelle is too damn cute. She looks just like her daddy with that nose and hair line and those teeth…. I just… oh god. Too damn cute.


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    And when she becomes a teenager, my fanfiction comes true (minus the dating Dean Ambrose and having Seth Rollins as a...
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    Dying internally. 😔
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    My fuzzy feels are pouring out of me right now.
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    Beautiful baby, Beautiful couple.
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